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A hero of the 1878 Chattanooga Yellow Fever Epidemic

In the summer of 1878, refugees from the Memphis epidemic came to Chattanooga to escape the ravages of this deadly disease.  Within two days, the first victims died.  Nearly all the townspeople fled to the mountains surrounding Chattanooga leaving behind those without means, the infirm and the elderly.  A few brave citizens decided to stay behind to help the sick and dying.  One of these was Father Patrick Ryan, Pastor of Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church.  Father Ryan tirelessly made the rounds to the sick, suffering and dying, regardless of race or creed, until he himself succumbed to the disease.

You can help.  Please consider supporting the Cause for Sainthood.  Funds may be used to prepare documentation, continue research and investigations, and travel for the advocates to Rome to make the case for sainthood.  Note that nearly all those working for the Cause volunteer their time.

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This is the trailer for the film, FATHER RYAN: A HIGHER CALL.  It tells the story of the life of Father Patrick Ryan who was a model of charity in action.  He was designated a 'Servant of God' by the Catholic Church.   The film is currently on the festival circuit.  If you're interested in hosting a screening, please contact    
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Prayer for Fr. Patrick Ryan

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Heavenly Father, who inspired the Servant of God, Fr. Patrick Ryan, former pastor of Sts Peter and Paul Parish in Chattanooga, to be a model of charity in action during the yellow fever epidemic of 1878, grant, we beseech you, that his heroic charity be recognized by Your Church, and that he be elevated to the full honor of sainthood. May we, too, be inspired by his example to that same measure of charity toward all our brothers and sisters in need. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, Your Son, who lives and reigns with You in the unity of the the Holy Spirit, God forever and ever. Amen.

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